Thursday, January 7, 2010

December fun

We had an eventful December. William had his first birthday on the 17th. Sadly, while I am in school, he is the finals baby. I had him last year on the day of my last final and this year was no different. But he still got his cake and ate it too. It was really funny.

We got some snow and Ally's really been enjoying it. William didn't have clothes but I finally bundled him in a girls coat (despite Colby's disapproval) and took him out. He loved it of course. Surprisingly, Ally jumps right it and gets wet. She likes to lay out in the snow and talk to herself.

We got a special treat this year. Our new friends, Mike and Beth, took us on a limo ride to see all the lights in town. Ally loved it. The picture of the right is of Mandy (Beth's daughter), her baby Erik, Gramma Beth and Ally (deer in the headlights).

After the ride Ally got to make a gingerbread house and that cute gumdrop tree in the background. Thanks to Mike, the house was a masterpiece. We had a peaceful Christmas and New Year and are excited about the changes 2010 will bring. Happy New Year everyone!


Katie said...

You have a blog! Cool. I didn't know that. My new diapers should be arriving sometime next week so I can bring some with me to the sleepover and you can check them out. Personally, I really enjoy cloth, but you probably could have guessed that!

Jessica said...

Hey. I didn't know you had one either!!! Love that i can keep tab's on your cute little family:)

Autie said...

I can't believe William is one! They really do grow up fast. I think Ally and William look so much alike. I haven't started Water for Elephants...I will wait until it gets closer to Book Club so I don't forget everything. When are you coming home?

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

Your December did look like fun! And happy belated birthday to your little one!